Our Mission

In the fast-changing realm of DeFi, we aim to leverage blockchain's potential to revolutionize credit access, creating a decentralized, secure, and inclusive financial landscape for everyone, regardless of location or economic standing.

Our Journey

As we strive to create an all-encompassing DeFi platform, we've outlined a strategic roadmap that addresses both immediate functionalities and future developments.

Q4 2023

Launch of the platform with core features, including staking ETH, borrowing stable coins, connecting fiat spending instruments, and Layer 2 protocol integration to enhance transaction speed and reduce costs.

Q1 2024

Support for additional debit cards (exchange and tradfi) based on user feedback. Bitcoin collateralized lines of credit.

Q2 2024

Expand our stable coin offerings to provide users with more borrowing options. We aim to include a wider range of stable coins pegged to different fiat currencies.

Q3 2024

Implement additional financial services such as asset management, increasing the utility of our platform and providing users with more effective asset management tools.

Q4 2024 and Beyond

We will continue to evaluate user needs and market trends to add new features and services. Potential areas of exploration include insurance, financial planning, and other adjacent financial services.

Our team is excited about the journey ahead and committed to providing a groundbreaking platform that combines the best aspects of DeFi and traditional finance.

Meet the Team

People behind Juniper

David Young

5x startup founder/exec (exits to Google & Coinbase), in crypto since 2017. Passionate about getting people access the credit they deserve.

Zac Denham

Serial start-up founder, Y Combinator alum, lover of code. Passionate about building secure, production-grade decentralized applications

Karolis Karpavicius

Paid performance marketeer, specializing in PPC and organic growth. Crypto enthusiast since 2016, passionate about DeFI and financial solutions.

Harsh Pandey

Founding developer of Blocktrain and Pentabug. Specialize in crafting seamless and secure interfaces, driven by a deep passion for transforming ideas into reality through code.

Work with us

We are actively looking for the most talented people out there.